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Elena Cooper

Field, Blaine and the Artistic Copyright Committee of the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 1857-1862 Elena Cooper Orton Fellow in Law, Trinity Hall, Cambridge Abstract While the history of the painting copyright provisions of the Fine Arts Copyright Act 18621 has been the subject of recent scholarship,2 very little is known about the detail… Read More


Ramon Lobato & Julian Thomas

Piracy and anti-piracy as generative forces Ramon Lobato and Julian Thomas Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology Abstract From the perspective of rights holders, piracy represents lost revenue. In this article we argue that piracy, nevertheless, has important generative features. We consider the range of expanding commercial opportunities that piracy opens up around… Read More


Jose Bellido

Torres Caicedo A decade in international intellectual property history (1879-1889) Jose Bellido School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London Abstract One year after signing the Paris Convention of Industrial Property (1883), Jose Maria Torres Caicedo, the president of the most important copyright association at the time, the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (ALAI), sent a… Read More


Kathy Bowrey

‘“The World Daguerreotyped – What a Spectacle!” Copyright law, photography and the importance of a public visual space’ Kathy Bowrey Faculty of Law, University of NSW Abstract This paper concerns copyright law and the history of photography. As has been documented by other writers such as Edelman, Bently and Deazley, the inclusion of photography in… Read More


Martha Woodmansee

Fan Control in the Era of the Entertainment Franchise: The Case of Harry Potter Martha Woodmansee Professor of English and Law, Case Western Reserve University Abstract Literary commentary, interpretation, translation, adaptation, sequelling, and criticism have figured among the defining activities of literary culture since the invention of printing. This paper is concerned with the constraints… Read More


Marett Leiboff

No Idea: Tristram Shandy, transgressive creativity, John Locke’s tabula rasa, and the legal imaginary Marett Leiboff Legal Intersections Research Centre, Faculty of Law University of Wollongong   Abstract Pray, Sir, in all the reading which you have ever read, did you ever read such a book as Locke’s Essay upon the Human Understanding? ——Don’t answer… Read More


Steven Hubicki

‘DNA neither knows nor cares, [it] just is’: The problem of embodiment in biotechnology patents’ Steven Hubicki Griffith Law School  


Jason J. Du Mont & Mark D. Janis

Design Patent’s Non-Patent Origins Jason J. Du Mont and Mark D. Janis Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property & Competition Law; Chicago-Kent College of Law; Indiana University Maurer School of Law Abstract Design patent protection is the oldest American form of intellectual property protection for ornamental designs, but still the most enigmatic.  Congress passed the… Read More


Rosemary Coombe & Joseph Turcotte

Reimagining Fair Dealing: Creating Archiving Software for Enhancing Canadian Cultural Heritage Online Rosemary Coombe/Joe Turcotte Tier One Canada Research Chair in Law, Communication and Cultural Studies, York University, Toronto Abstract The presentation will simultaneously describe and present new open source arts content management software developed to enable arts organizations to digitally exhibit and share a… Read More

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