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Wednesday 2 July 2014, University Main Building, Room IX
11.30 REGISTRATION opens followed by LUNCH
12.15 Opening remarks by the organizers
12.30-13.10 Session 1 chaired by Martin Fredriksson, Linköping University (SE):

Balázs Bodó, University of Amsterdam (NL)

A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Scientific Shadow Libraries

Commentator: Jorge Contreras, American University (US)

13.15-13.55 Matt Stahl, University of Western Ontario (CA)

Tactical Destabilization for Economic Justice: The American Recording Industry, Aging R&B Performers, and the 1984-2004 Royalty Reform Movement

Commentator: Toni Lester, Babson College (US)

14.00-14.40 Rasmus Fleischer, Stockholm University (SE)

Performers’ and/or Producers’ Rights? The Pre-history of the Rome Convention, 1930-1960

Commentator: Matt Stahl, University of Western Ontario (CA)

14.45-15.00 COFFEE BREAK
15.05-15.45 Session 2 chaired by Lucky Belder, Utrecht University (NL):

Louis Pahlow, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität (DE)

Stability and Instability in the Patent Law System: Patent Pooling, Industrial Concentration and Competition Policy in Germany (1890-1930)

Commentator: Gabriel Galvez-Béhar, Université Lille 3 (FR)

15.50-16.30 Nicolas Chachereau, Université de Lausanne (CH)

How to Patent a Chemical? The Instability of a New Type of Intellectual Property (Switzerland 1888-1907)

Commentator: Joshua Sarnoff, DePaul University (US)

16.35-17.15 Amanda Scardamaglia, Swinburne University of Technology (AU)

The Historical Movement, Transmission and Transformation of Trade Mark Law in Colonial Australia

Commentator: Marianne Dahlén, Uppsala University (SE)

17.15 CLOSE

If you’re still hungry after the reception, dinner is on your own. You’ll find a list of different restaurants in your workshop package.

Thursday 3 July 2014, University Main Building, Room IX
9.15-10.30 Roundtable on “Interdisciplinarity in Intellectual Property Research”

A discussion with Gabriel Galvez-Behar, Debora Halbert, Dan Hunter, and Stina Teilmann-Lock.

Chair: Eva Hemmungs Wirtén

10.35-11.15 Session 3 chaired by Maurizio Borghi, Bournemouth University (UK):

Xiobao Shen, University of Edinburgh (UK)

A Paradox – “Chinese Characteristics” of Imitating Western Intellectual Property Regime

Commentator: Dan Hunter, Queensland University of Technology (AU)

11.20-12.00 Christian Katzenbach and Sarah Herweg, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin (DE)

Stabilizing and Contesting the Instable through Discourse: Attributions of Imitation and Innovation in the Digital Games Sector

Commentator: Saara Taalas, Linneaus University (SE)

12.05-13.05 LUNCH
13.10-13.50 Session 4 chaired by Peter Decherney, University of Pennsylvania (US):

Friedeman Kawohl, Bournemouth University (UK)

Fürstenthal v. Hirschfeld – A conflict between a pre-modern religious censorship regime and a modern secular copyright regime in 19th-century Prussia

Commentator: Jens Eriksson, Uppsala University (SE)

13.55-14.35 Marie-Claude Felton, McGill University (CA)

Writing According to the Law: A Comparative Study of Literary Legislations and Authorial Ventures in France, England and Germany in the 18th Century

Commentator: Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve University (US)

14.40-15.20 Jorge Contreras, American University (US)

Stories of Gene Patenting

Commentator: Daithi Mac Sithigh, Newcastle University (UK)

15.25-15.45 COFFEE BREAK
15.50-16.30 Session 5 chaired by Debora Halbert, University of Hawaii at Manoa (US):

David Lametti, McGill University (CA)

Unstable Art: The Curious Case of Claude Théberge

Commentator: Lucky Belder, Utrecht University (NL)

16.35-17.15 Megan Richardson and Julian Thomas, The University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology (AU)

The ‘Face of Things’: Image Rights in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Commentator: Jaime Stapleton (UK)

17.20-18.00 Aura Bertoni and Maria Lillà Montagnani, Bocconi University (IT)

Public Architectural Art and its Spirits of Instability

Commentator: Jan von Bonsdorff, Uppsala University (SE)

18.00 CLOSE
19.30 Workshop DINNER at LINNEANEUM
Friday 4 July 2014, University Main Building, Room IX
09.30-10.10 Session 6 chaired by Megan Richardson, University of Melbourne

Patrick Burkart and Jonas Andersson Schwarz, Texas A&M University (US) and Södertörn University College (SE)

Post-Privacy and Ideology

Commentator: Julian Thomas, Swinburne University of Technology (AU)

10.15-10.55 Michael Birnhack, Tel-Aviv University (IL)

The Cost of Judicial Snapshots: The Case of Israeli Fair Use

Commentator: Peter Decherney, University of Pennsylvania (US)

11.00-11.30 COFFEE BREAK
11.35-12.15 Session 7 chaired by Helle Porsdam, Copenhagen University (DK):

Marc Perlman, Brown University (US)

‘Commercial’ vs. ‘Noncommercial’ in Copyright Law and the Arts: An Unstable Distinction in Times of Rapid Technological Change

Commentator: Maurizio Borghi, Bournmouth University (UK)

12.20-13.00 Debora Halbert and Jake Dunegan, University of Hawaii at Manoa and Institute for the Future, Palo Alto (US)

Intellectual Property for the Neurocentric Age: Towards a neuropolitics of IP

Commentator: Robin Williams, University of Edinburgh (UK)

13.05-13.15 Concluding remarks and handing over to Peter Decherney for 2015.
14.00- LUNCH

We gratefully acknowledge the generous sponsorship of the Swedish Foundation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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